Meaning of “For The One”

We exist to bring girls home, and to educate communities so that they will be empowered to stop the cycle of abuse.

With all the problems in the world and the magnitude of need, things can become easily overwhelming which prevents us from helping with the little things. We can all make a difference by helping one person. This is what For the One is about.

One person, one girl, one community at a time.

Our Vision


A world without human trafficking and slavery.

Community Development

Individuals achieving their full potential in self-sustaining, self-empowering communities.

Our Mission


Rescue, repatriate and provide holistic rehabilitation to all persons affected by slavery and reintegrate them as fully functioning and independent members of society.

Community Development

Work alongside local communities through needs based projects which empowers, educates and encourages all members of the community to grow into their full potential.


Our projects exist to restore, educate, equip, and provide hope to the vulnerable, the impoverished, and the at-risk.

About Us

For The One provides support for girls who have been trafficked and help them lead thriving lives.

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Success Story

Aabhya is one of the most composed people you’d ever come across. However, she was
closed off and self-conscious when we met her for the first time. We could see she was
closed off and anxious about talking with people and expressing herself which was
because of her experience with rape. Although confused about many things, she was
full of determination.

Our Projects


The project repatriates’ minor girls who have been sexually abused/trafficked, assists them in their rehabilitation while at For The One’s safe home and facilitates their reintegration into society.


We provide scholarships and lodging support to 18 children from the Chepang community who are one of the most marginalized communities across the country.

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