Safe Home Rehabilitation – Providing a long-term safe home for survivors of human trafficking and sexual abuse, which includes home studies.

Antenatal Checkup and Women’s Health Education in Loniyanpur, Khatikanpuruwa, Loharanpurwa in Nepalgunj, and Tirpalnagar, Kapilbastu (working on creating a partnership with these four different villages)

Medical camps and education in Nalgud, Jajarkot (working on creating a partnership with this village)

Good touch and bad touch teaching in schools across Nepal

Bentham Foundation Chepang Project  – Providing Educational Sponsorships for 25 Chepang children in Chitwan.

Awareness and education in various districts: Dailekh, Banke (working on creating a partnership with these villages)

Partnering with a village in Kaule, Chitwan for education development, which includes partnering with the local school for teacher training and school development, skill development for the locals, and adult literacy classes for the illiterate.

Helping Girls and Children in Nepal

In Nepal, girls who have been trafficked are generally deemed impure and are often rejected by their communities. During our reintegration process, the girls in our care will be involved in community development for their own villages. This will give the girls a good reputation for when they eventually move back. It is the goal of FTO that during their rehabilitation, their participation in community development will not only be healing, but also prove to the leaders and people in the villages that they are not damaged goods but are vital to the development of the village and community. It will allow for an easier process of reintegration.

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