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Our Story

For the One (FTO) is a foundation in Nepal centred on holistic community development, education and awareness that focuses on working alongside communities to help them create and enact change for themselves.

FTO grew out of the realisation that awareness and education on issues such as human trafficking, slavery, and sex trading were lacking within local communities. 

Meaning of For The One

We can all make a difference by helping one person. This is what For the One is about. With all the problems in the world and the magnitude of need, things can become easily overwhelming which prevents us from helping with the little things.

“One person, one girl, one community at a time.”

We want to remember what this is all about: the people. Not the statistics or the numbers, but the people we work alongside with, helping them when necessary. We are here to listen, support, and work with these people and communities so that they know we are here for them. We care, love, and want them to create a future that they want for themselves.

Anti-Slavery Campaign

The Anti-Slavery Campaign has four pillars on which we work under: protection, prevention, advocacy, and capacity development. We consider these four areas essential in the campaign against slavery.

Community Development

Community development is essential in alleviating poverty, creating awareness on prevalent issues, assisting and facilitating programs that benefit at-risk communities. We aim to help develop rural communities and alleviate poverty through economic and technical assistance.

On Going Causes

Our ongoing causes are focused on both individual and community needs.

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