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Rescue Girls from Sex Trade/Rehabilitation

For the One provides family-style rehabilitation to rescued girls from trafficking. We provide long-term shelter that connects girls to a normal routine of life which drastically aids with the recovery process. This style of safe house, creating a family and connecting the girls with a community, allows them to feel secure, loved and included.

In coordination with various agencies for rescue of trafficked girls and women, we provide long term shelter, skill and capacity development, and rehabilitation for survivors with the aim to reintegrate them back with their families and communities. In conjunction, we facilitate discussion with the local community to promote gender equality and discuss anti-human trafficking issues.

Safe homes

  • Home-style rehabilitation
  • Holistic recovery – physically, mentally, emotionally
  • Provide care through counselling, therapy
  • Education
  • Vocational training
  • Reintegration

Anti-Slavery Campaign

The Anti-Slavery Campaign has four pillars on which we work under: protection, prevention, advocacy, and capacity development. We consider these four areas essential in the campaign against slavery. Firstly, with protection, we provide long-term safe shelter, education, health aid, skill development, legal support, and psychological counseling. Secondly, prevention is the ultimate goal in the campaign and under this we focus on community-oriented discussion and awareness of trafficking issues. Thirdly, under advocacy, we work with various agencies and stakeholders to advocate on behalf of the rescued girls and women. Finally, under capacity development we provide life skill development, and motivational, team-building group counseling for survivors of trafficking.


  • Protection
  • Prevention
  • Advocacy
  • Capacity development

    Community Development

    Community development is essential in alleviating poverty, creating awareness on prevalent issues, assisting and facilitating programs that benefit at-risk communities. We aim to help develop rural communities and alleviate poverty through economic and technical assistance. Some of the programs we have facilitated include water projects, health camps, afforestation campaigns, facilitating alternative (solar) energy sources and other sustainable development measures.

    We aim to advance health, education and water sanitation and hygiene (WASH Program) and introduce literacy programs, conduct human trafficking awareness campaigns and training for sustainable development. A major goal is to advance livelihood opportunities and income generation amongst women, single women, differently abled people and other individuals. We also want to advance emergency relief and humanitarian aid among the residents of Nepal.

    • Education
    • Awareness on prevalent issues
    • Various assistive community programs
    • Facilitation and advocacy for women
    • Sustainable development
    • Emergency relief

      Interpersonal Sill Development

      Skill Development and Business Skills are vital. When the girls are ready to be reintegrated into society they will have a skill to earn a livelihood and not be dependent on others. This is essential in breaking the cycle of vulnerability, where girls end up back in brothels because of their lack of skills and a need for money. Currently vocational training includes:

          • Tailoring
          • Jewelry Making
          • Paper Making
          • Candle Making/Decorating
          • Doll Making
          • Pickle Making
          • Baking
          • Barrister training
          • Cooking Classes (Chef)
          • Embroidery
          • Shoe Making
          • Animal Husbandry
          • Agriculture
          • Bee Harvesting
          • Knitting
          • Beautician
          • Veil & Cushion Making
          • Entrepreneurship training
          • Business Skill Training
          • Bookkeeping
          • Ceramics
          • Nail and Thread Ar


          Helping Girls and Children in Nepal

          In Nepal, girls who have been trafficked are generally deemed impure and are often rejected by their communities. During our reintegration process, the girls in our care will be involved in community development for their own villages. This will give the girls a good reputation for when they eventually move back. It is the goal of FTO that during their rehabilitation, their participation in community development will not only be healing, but also prove to the leaders and people in the villages that they are not damaged goods but are vital to the development of the village and community. It will allow for an easier process of reintegration.

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