She Is Valued

For the One provides family-style rehabilitation to rescued girls from trafficking. We provide long-term shelter that connects our girls to a normal routine of life which drastically aids with the recovery process. This style of safe house, creating a family and connecting the girls with a community, allows them to feel secure, loved and included.

In partnership with many Nepalese and Australian agencies discover below how we integrate our girls back into the community.

Reparite, Rehabilitate, Reintegrate

For The One fosters a loving and nurturing family-style home for these young survivors of sexual exploitation, giving them the opportunity of a normal life where they feel safe, loved and included as they begin their journey of healing.

Along their healing journey For The One provides them with:

  • Home-style rehabilitation
  • Holistic recovery – physically, mentally, emotionally
  • Provide care through counselling, therapy
  • Education
  • Vocational training

In Nepal, survivors from sex trafficking are deemed impure and often rejected by their communities. Our goal for every survivor is successful reintegration back with their family and into local communities through holistic services such as counselling, therapies, education and health checkups. 

During our reintegration process, we involve our survivors with community development projects for their own villages to shift the community’s perception of the girls from damaged goods to a valuable part of the village.

Next Step Living

Next Step Living. is a semi-independent safe haven for girls who have graduated our safe home (16+). but are not ready to be integrated back 

into their community. These girls are still in need of greater opportunities to build for their future.which is why For The One cover their accommodation and education expenses while the girls manage their personal and utility expenses.One of the greatest risks to being trafficked is lack of education. or having a safe place to live while obtaining an education. Next Step Living gives our girls the chance to be properly resourced to receive education and vocational training that they wouldnt otherwise have access to, due to financial barriers. It is a safe place where opportunities for hope are fostered, and girls have room to grow into healthy. self-sustaining women!

2. The Genesis Abode

The Genesis Abode, is a family-style long-term safe haven for girls who have graduated our safe home, but are not ready to be integrated back into their community or eligible for Next Step Living. These girls are still in need of greater opportunities to build for their future, which is why For The One cover their accommodation and education expenses while the girls manage their personal and utility expenses. 

In dormitory-style supervised accommodation, The Genesis Abode offers a place for girls to live semi-independently — handling their own cooking, washing, and personal schedule, all why having access to the rehabilitation services available in the Repatriate, Rehabilitate and Reintegrate program.

The girls are always surrounded by support people who love and invest in them and are encourage to work together with their house “mother” and “sisters” to create a thriving home environment.

The focus of The Genesis Abode project is to foster long term healing and growth. We know the healing journey looks different to every girl and every situation and we want to provide the girls with the gift of time to take that journey.




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